Exhaust Hood Cleaning (by Using a Pressure Washer)

Grease Eater is a powerful & concentrated biodegradable degreaser specifically made for cleaning stubborn grease in ALL restaurant commercial kitchens & exhaust hood systems; fans, hood, filters, grills, equipment, floors, concrete and more. It is great for all kinds of restaurants; BBQ, Chinese, Steak, Seafood, Bars, Burgers, Wings, Mexican and more. Trust Grease Eater to get the job done FAST, SAFE & AFFORDABLY. Concentrated liquid, Potassium Hydroxide based 13.5- 14 PH, Lavender scented. Just mix 2 cups of Grease Eater with 1 gallon of water and use a pump sprayer to spray the exhaust hood system. Leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse off with a hot water pressure washer.

Hood Filter Cleaning (by Soaking...No Scrubbing or Pressure Washer Needed)

Now there is a super-fast way to clean filters! No more scrubbing or using a pressure washer! Just mix 4-6 quarts of Grease Eater into a 30-40 gallon plastic bin or garbage can and let your filters soak overnight at the end of your shift...The next morning they are spotless!!! This will save you time, labor and money! Do not soak aluminum filters...only soak stainless steel or galvanized filters. Aluminum filters can be cleaned by using a pressure washer and leaving the Grease Eater only for 5 minutes. Otherwise you can order stainless steel filters from us if you wish to soak them.

Filter King (Most Powerful Microscopic Oil Filter Machine - Double Micro Filtration Technology - 120 lb Capacity - Reversible Pump - Made in the USA)

Filter King is heavy duty built for commercial applications with American parts and labor, 1/3 HP motor and 5 Gal per minute reversible pump. The cooking oil passes through 2 unique filter systems which force and seal every drop through a microscopic filter process before returning to the fryer. We call this process the, "Double forced & sealed filtration process" which is the science behind our technology making it vastly different than many other machines in today's market.

Fryer Guard (Deep Fryer Sediment Screen - Microscopic Bread Crumb Catcher)

An innovative accessory for your commercial kitchen's deep fryer that will change the way you filter your frying oil forever. Deep Fryer Sediment Screen & Microscopic Bread Crumb Catcher. The 200 micron screen gives you a deeper and finer filtration from particles like flour and seasoning whereas the 400 micron is for removing larger frying debris.

Mi-T-M (4,000 psi Hot Water and Wet Steam Pressure Washer)

Honda GX 390 motor, 250° thermostat, belt driven superior pump, electric start, Center gravity balanced wheels for easy to push and turn of machine, rubber wheels with brakes, superior fuel filter, superior garden hose filter, superior 12 V deep cycle battery. State of the art machine ready to do some serious Exhaust Hood Cleaning and Pressure Washing.

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