Therma-Kleen (Professional Steam Cleaner for cleaning Commercial Kitchen Equipment)

The Therma-Kleen Industrial Grade Dry Steam Machine provides more bang for the buck than any other machine on the market, making it the go to machine for most applications.

  • Heavy gage industrial Stainless-Steel Body
  • Stainless-Steel hose with heavy duty cover
  • Stainless-Steel Boiler
  • Incoloy Super Alloy Heating Element
  • All fittings are Stainless-Steel/Brass not plastic like others in this class
  • Built-in handle with accessory storage is standard

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As we all know, dirt and pathogens do not just reside only on the surface, they find their way into smallest of cracks & crevasse, which is why sanitizing is a problem. To effectively get into these pores requires the higher temperatures 380ᵒ F/193ᵒ C and pressures 160 psi/11 bar of the Therma-Kleen.

The elevated temperature & pressures of the Therma-Kleen allow the superheated Nano vapors to penetrate deeply into the surface pores, scratches, etc. and explosively expel pathogens and dirt particles that may reside there, which results in a much cleaner and more sanitary surface, while also eliminating residing odors.

Therma-Kleen is easy to handle, simple to operate, and its superior operating characteristics and ideal size makes it the machine to own.


  • Low Water Audible Alarm w/Cut-off
  • Temperature Control w/High Cut-off
  • High Pressure Limit Switch
  • High Pressure Relief Valve
  • Continuous Refill
  • Storage on handle for accessories
  • Ability to regulate both Temperature & Pressure

The Therma-Kleen unit is a GREEN MACHINE for there are no chemicals (harsh or otherwise), used in the dry vapor process.

It's the go to unit for cleaning *Medical facilities *Ambulances *Veterinary/Boarding kennels *Restaurants *Locker rooms *Hotels *Industrial equipment *Auto & truck *Schools/Universities *Nursing homes *Fitness centers *Prisons *Food & Agricultural processors, *Killing Odor causing organisms *Manufacturing Tools & Dies *Dental offices *Jewelry *Restaurants *Janitorial services *Laboratories *Rest rooms *Kitchens *Mold & Mildew remediation *Stripping wallpaper *Defrosting ice boxes *Remove grease & grime from vent hoods *Medical equipment *Remediating allergens/asthma pathogens *Oils & grease from industrial surfaces *Decal removal *Killing dust mites, ticks, fleas, bed bugs, Etc.

For Purchase Inquiry - Call Us +1 833 202-8509 (Toll Free)

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Therma-Kleen - Professional Steam Cleaner for cleaning Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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