About Us

The founders of our company have been cleaning restaurants for over 30 years. They saw the need of strong concentrated products that save the restaurant owners time and money. Unfortunately, concentrated products are hard to find from vendors and suppliers. The reason is that they prefer to sell you diluted and premixed products in order to make more money and force you to spend more money! Our GREASE EATER for example is 13.5 to 14 PH, which is the highest you can go on the PH scale. What that means for you is that you can mix it with water yourself and make it last 3 X times what you would normally buy and clean the job 3 times faster! That save you time and money!

After creating GREASE EATER, we realized that restaurants needed a lot more products for their restaurant that worked BOLDER, BETTER and FASTER than what the market offered. So, we created many other CLEANING CHEMICALS, PRODUCTS and EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL to save the restaurants TIME and MONEY!

Check out all our products and educational material that will make your job easier while saving you money!